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At Lifted Health & Wellness, our members are first and foremost. As a way of thanking you for your loyal membership, we offer our Lifted Rewards Program, earning you points redeemable for great gifts!


House Mix Pre Roll 200 pts
Low Dose Edible ($3 – $8 ) 225 pts
Premium Pre Roll 275 pts
Gram of Cannabis 350 pts
Gram of Hash 500 Pts
Medium Dose Edible ($9 – $15) 500 pts
Gram of Oil 650 pts
High Dose Edible 750 pts
Gram of Full Melt 1000 pts
Eighth of Cannabis 1000 pts

How I Earn Points

Each Dollar Spent 0.5 pts
Gram Jar Return 1 pts
Eighth Jar Return 3 pts
Post a pic (Limit 5)* 100 pts
Like us on Facebook 100 pts
Follow us on Twitter 100 pts
Follow us on Tumblr 100 pts
Follow us on InstagramĀ 100 pts
Review a product (Limit 5)* 150 pts
Refer a friend 350 pts
Leafly & Stickyguide review* 350 pts
Yelp & Weedmaps review* 500 pts

*Screen shot required